Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Elvis

Now that Halloween is over I am going to get back to my regular sewing. I sewed costumes for three of my kids this year. The one I got the most comments on was the Elvis costume I made for my 1 1/2 year old. I think one of the reasons people liked it was because it suited his personality so well. Here is a couple pictures of him

Photobucket Photobucket

Besides the costumes, I made a colostomy bag cover for one of the kids at my oldest daughter, Emily's work. She works with disabled children. It was sort of hard to make simply because she called me and asked me to make this cover with no measurements, no pictures, no online references. She could only describe what she wanted and guess at her waist size. I finished and sent it off earlier this week so I hope to get some feedback in a few days as to how it fits and whether it works or not. The cover had to be able to fit but expand to continue to fit as the bag expands. I forgot to snap a picture before I sent it off but Emily got a picture with her cell phone before she took it to work so I'll post that as soon as I get it from her.

I really need to get busy on some new diaper covers for my little guy. He is two months old already and is outgrowing all diapers faster than I imagined! He has outgrown all of his newborn sized diapers and I only have a few size smalls made up. I do have quite a few one-size diapers I can use but not enough since my 1 1/2 year old is in diapers too.

Monday, October 19, 2009

One Size Diaper Comparison

I thought it would be neat to do a diaper comparison of some of the diapers I sell so that anyone can see how they fit different size babies and kids.

I'll start with the NykiBaby One Size. It's a snap up pocket diaper.
If you want a one-size snap diaper these are the ones to get. I like these because they are easy to stuff and they fit all sizes very well.

In the first picture, you can see my newborn wearing the NykiBaby diaper.
He is about 8 1/2 pounds and 10 days old and he is wearing the diaper on it's smallest setting. Notice how well the legs fit - no gaps even with the skinny newborn chicken legs.


Here is a picture of my 15 month old toddler wearing the exact same NykiBaby diaper. He is 29 pounds and very chunky.
He is wearing the diaper on a medium setting but with the longest rise. It gives him more room for his larger thighs.


In this picture you see the same NykiBaby diaper again but this time it's being worn by my 3 1/2 year old, 40 pound son.
He doesn't really wear a diaper anymore but with the promise of a piece of candy he was pretty easily talked into putting on his brother's diaper for just a couple of minutes.


Next are the KCK One, one-size pocket diapers. If you want a one size pocket diaper with hook and loop closures, these are for you!
They are great because the hook and loop closures provide a great variety of fit options and they are super easy for others to use!

Here is my newborn wearing a KCK One. He is about 8 1/2 pounds in this picture and 12 days old.

This next picture shows my 15 month old wearing the same KCK One as in the picture above.
He is quite happy because is standing on a chair where he isn't really supposed to be!
The KCK is on a medium large setting for my chunky guy. He weighs 29 pounds.


The last picture is of my 3 1/2 year old (once again, bribed with a piece of candy) wearing the same KCK as the other two boys had on.
He is thinner and taller than my 15 month old and the diaper still fits him well. He is just over 40 pounds.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Stuff in the mail

I got another Jamie Jumper done for Orion. It turned out better than the first one I made. I just need to do a little work with the snaps and stabilizing the trim up the front. I used plastic snaps because that's all I had but the pattern suggests metal. So now I need to order new dies for my snap press and then get some metal snaps. I also got the pants and lap tee cut out but I haven't gotten those sewn yet.


I love getting stuff in the mail. I just ordered a bunch of new snaps and I'm waiting for them and any day those will arrive. I just got my new iron in the mail which I LOVE. It's the Oliso and it has neat little feet that keep it raised up off the ironing board while it's horizontal. It's touch activated so when you put your hand on it the feet go up inside the iron lowering it down onto the fabric. It's supposed to have your wrists a bit since you never have to tip the iron up. I debated for a long time between the Oliso and Rowenta. In the end, I went with the Oliso because, not only is it neat and gadget-y which I is fun and because you can leave it horizontal so your cats can't knock it off the ironing board (which is the reason I was getting a new iron in the first place). The other thing I got in the mail was the NykiBaby tags and they are super cute! I can't wait to get some sewn on the diapers.

I put a bunch of new things up on Beau Modele so that's looking pretty good. I very badly need to stock my Hyena cart store and Etsy store. Plus KCK is having an event so I need to sew a few things up for that. I've got a few ideas in my mind for some really cute embroidered KCK One's but I have to get busy on them since they are due on the 14th.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Busy day today... one of my older daughters had her senior pictures today so I didn't get much sewing done. I did get a couple of outfits cut out. They are both from the Fishsticks and Jam Little One Layette pattern. I'm making a Jamie Jumper and also a lap tee with coordinating knit pants. I've already made one Jamie Jumper and I really love it. If all goes well with the next few outfits, I'm going to apply for licensing so I can stock these in my store. I'm anxious to have some time tomorrow to get at least part of these sewn up.


Back to stocking Beau Modele. I'd like to get previews done by tomorrow night and I'm getting pretty tired right now.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting through the days

Our new baby turned one month old yesterday. The first few weeks were just getting through the day with three of my six kids being age 3 and under. And two of those kids in diapers! It's been fun though and I wouldn't trade this time for anything in the world. I wish my kids would just stay little forever.

Here is a picture of him a couple days ago wearing a La-Di-Da diaper.


On to the sewing news!

I'm now an approved NykiBaby Seamstress! I purchased Nyki's pattern and loved it. It's a great diaper - it's one size, it's pocket, and it's easily adjustable. I'm going to start carrying them when I stock at Beau Modele congo and in my Hyena Cart store. I think they will be a great option for people who want a one-size diaper but don't like hook and loop type closures.


I made my daughter a Vegas style outfit for Homecoming week at her school. It started out as an Elvis costume but she didn't like the bell bottom pants or the way the shirt was so we customized it and ended up with this.


I've been working on some new inserts for my newborn diapers. I finally had a chance to try some of the bamboo fleece I bought and I love it. I was actually surprised by how much the fleece can hold.


I also made a Jamie Jumper for Orion and I think it turned out really cute. I can't wait to make more of these!


Here is one of the La-Di-Da diapers I'll be stocking at Beau Modele this Thursday. I made two of them because I like the combination of super soft Minkee with the PUL so much I couldn't resist making another one for my own stash.


Here is my 3 year old having fun while I was sewing. His brothers were both sleeping so I took the opportunity to stop what I was doing and play with him. We had a great time making cars with the Builders and Benders.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A new member of our family

I thought is would be appropriate to begin this blog as my tiny new son begins his life. Orion was born just a week ago on 9/3/09 unexpectedly at home into the loving arms of his daddy. He is just the most precious thing! I have a birth story written up and I will share that in a future blog post.

I haven't gotten much sewing done since I had Orion but that will come as we settle into more of a routine around here. Actually one of the last things I did before I gave birth was to apply snaps to about four La-Di-Da diapers I was making for the Beau Modele Congo. Hmmm, I wonder if doing those snaps had anything to do with me going into labor :) ?? It definitely gave my huge stomach a workout!